UV Air Filtration

UV Air Filtration Systems and Equipment

Did you know that the air in your home can be five times more polluted than the air outside your home? Because homes nowadays are better insulated and sealed than ever before, your air, and whatever particles are floating around in it, can stay present in your home for quite awhile. From pets and pollen to mold to cooking odors, there can be many different scents and smells, as well as airborne germs and viruses, able to be inhaled at any given time.

The remedy? An ultra-violet air filtration system, installed directly into your duct work by the technicians at AC Remedies. But you say you already have a tower air purifier? Those only filter a few square feet, and usually only the area closest to the tower, not to mention the frequent cleaning of the plates to make sure it continues to collect unwanted particles. APCO air filtration systems are self-cleaning, and require very little maintenance once installed.

To learn more about APCO, please watch the video below, or visit them on the web HERE. When you are ready to start breathing easier, give us a call!