New Installations; Motor, Thermostat, and Fan Blade Replacements

Is your air conditioner running continuously through the summer, but your house STILL isn't getting cold? You should invest in attic fans!

It's no secret: attic fans and air conditioners go together like peas and carrots, perfectly complementing each other to cool your environment down. As the temperatures outside rise, so does the temperature and humidity levels of the trapped air that sits in your attic. Without fans to pull that air out, it lingers in your attic, building heat, causing your air conditioner to work harder without necessarily making you cooler. Who wants that? Or, maybe you have a whirlybird. While whirlybirds do offer SOME of the hot air to make it outside, it relies solely on the physical principal of hot air being pulled to cooler air. With electric attic fans, the air is physically pulled out of the attic, allowing for better circulation.

Already have attic fans? Make sure they are working to their fullest potential! We can replace attic fan motors, adjust your attic fan's thermostat to make sure they are coming on at the right time, and we can check your attic fan's blades to make sure they are moving freely in their housing, maximizing the air the are pulling to the outside.

Thinking about getting attic fans installed? Installation of attic fans is relatively simple, especially for the trained professionals at AC Remedies. We know how to install attic fans in your roof with very minimal intrusion, and we seal around them after we are done, making sure they are weather-tight. Not only can we offer the option of hard-wired attic fans, we've recently added the option of solar-powered attic fans into the mix! In addition to also reducing the strain on your air conditioner, the solar panel addition means they are not tied into your electrical system, running directly on energy produced by the sun. And, with a control panel very similar to your heater's or air conditioner's thermostat, operating them couldn't be more easy.

Solar powered attic fans also allow for a 30% federal tax credit for energy efficiency, and with a variety of colors and different mounts, including a low-profile and wall-mounted options, you are sure to find the right combination for your home.

To learn more about the solar-powered attic fans we offer, please visit Attic Breeze - Solar Powered Attic Fans today, or call us for more information or to schedule.