Gas Log Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Does the image of a roaring fire get you all warm and fuzzy inside? Do you like the occasional fireplace gathering, but hate sawdust and toting wood? Then, my friend, do we have the ideal thing for you: a gas log fireplace, installed the pros at AC Remedies!

Already have a gas fireplace? We can inspect it for you on a yearly basis to make sure everything is in optimal working order, from your connection to your burners. We can even install a remote control for your fireplace that makes your warm air available at the touch of your fingertips. So suave.

Gas Log Fireplace Inspections and Inspection Letters

Are you trying to move into your dream home, but need a clearance letter from the bank showing that your gas log fireplace is in perfect working order? We can come out and inspect your existing gas fireplace, and send a clearance letter to your lender, no problem. We can also repair your fireplace to make sure it passes all inspections.

gas log fireplace ac remedies

Gas Log vs. Wood Burning Fireplace: Which One To Choose?

Ah, the great debate. Should I choose to get gas logs installed, or keep my wood-burning fireplace? Well, since we install gas logs here, of course we are slightly biased and are going to try and sway you to our side, but in the end, only you can make that decision for you and your household. BUT we really, really, really hope you decide to get some gas logs installed by us.

Here are a few key items to remember when thinking about making the switch:

  • Cost. This will be a draw. Purchasing wood or purchasing gas, both need a fuel supply to run. Unless you live on a few wooded acres and have easy access to a steady supply of timber. In that case, go on with your lumberjack self.
  • Maintenance. Gas definitely wins here. For wood fireplaces, you have to stack the wood, clean up ashes, and occasionally have it cleaned so soot doesn't build up, creating a very hazardous situation in your chimney. With gas, after the initial installation, you simply need to have your connection and burners checked once a year.
  • Ease of use. Gas wins again. For wood fireplaces, you have to "build" the fire. For our gas log fireplaces, it usually only requires flipping a switch, and in some installations, we can program a remote control to operate your gas log fireplace.
  • Efficiency. Unfortunately, gas wins again here. You spend all that time building a fire, coaxing the flames from the tinder, only to have the majority of its heat go out the chimney? We don't think so!

Ready to pick out your new insert?

Please visit our friends at Builder's Specialties Inc. in Jackson off Gallatin Street; be sure to tell them AC Remedies sent you. Then call us to install!