Meet A/Cº Remedies LLC

Timothy McLendon, Owner/Operator

Say hello to our head honcho: Timmy McLendon. Timmy is the guy in charge here at AC Remedies. He's the wheeler, the dealer, the shot caller, the footballer, the big cheese, and the "bless you" when you sneeze. Best of all? He's the guy that you talk to when you call in to our company. That's right; the phone number that we so proudly display is Timmy's personal cell number, ready and waiting for our customer's phone calls. If you want to hire a company where you go directly to the top, then AC Remedies is the company to call!

Amanda Kittrell, Marketing/Bookkeeping

You might know Amanda from other popular websites such as and the AC Remedies' Facebook page. When she's not crunching numbers into Quickbooks, she's crunching the keyboard, searching the internet for new ways to market these two companies. Call Amanda at the office for any administrative help you need, from certificates of insurance to sales tax certificates to a W-9. Click on the "Contact" link above to be directed to our contact page to request such items.

Jesse Brewer, Service Manager

Jesse Brewer joined the AC Remedies team in December 2013, making him the best Christmas present ever! Since his hire, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the company, not only with his perseverance for a job well done, but also with his drive for excellent customer service. Additionally, he's the star of our first TV commercial you can watch on our homepage! Go Jesse!

Our Service Techs

So, just who are the guys that show up at your house? Well, that would be Jesse Brewer, the best HVAC tech this side of the Mississippi River. Jesse is our diagnostic mastermind; if your unit is whirring, clanging, banging, wheezing, or freezing, Jesse is the tech to call to get it back to normal in no time. Carnell Steward heads up our installation team; he changes out coils, evaporators, heaters, and water heaters at lightning speed to get you back in the cooling or heating game quicker. And of course we can't leave out Timmy....wait, what?? An owner of a company that works in the field, too? Don't sound so shocked; that's how we roll at AC Remedies. Between these two noggins, there isn't a heater or air conditioner issue on the planet that stands a chance against us.

Chilly thought we were going to forget our mascot? We couldn't leave Chilly out in the cold (pun totally intended), now could we? Meet Chilly, our ferocious but lovable polar bear! While having trouble trying to figure out a logo, we scrapped all of the wordy ones and finally decided to adopt Chilly as our icon. Where did his name come from? We had a name-our-bear contest at our very first Home Show in 2013, and we decided that one fit the best! He's holding a snowball because that's how we tell if it's cold enough in your house after we repair your air conditioner. Ok, maybe not that last part, but he has become the friendly face of the company. So, if you see him around town, be sure to say hi!




Chilly Bear: when you need a snowball's chance in Mississippi, ALWAYS call AC Remedies!


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